You Are More Than Titles

Greetings life explorers. Do you realize you may be limiting who you are and how you are living your preferred life? When asked to define who you are, do you respond with concepts that limit your being? Do you answer with boxed identities such as, I am a man, a woman, an accountant, a nurse, a doctor, a mother or father,  a truck driver or social worker? Nothing’s wrong with these titles, however, none of them–not even all put together can define you. There is so much more to who you are than what you can see or what you’ve been taught to believe. We are all creatures of this Infinite Being we sometimes call Creator, who Himself and Herself is so much more than a Creator. You too, are more than these titles.

Let’s stop limiting our essence by the roles we play or titles we have that keep us in psychological and even spiritual prisons. You are more than a mother or father,  a nurse or doctor, a police officer, sales person, a hairdresser or student. You are more than the gender roles that culture or society define you as. Just as an infant you left that title as you grew, so too you must be free to let go of titles that enslave you with psychological chains that say because you don’t have a certain education or the top whatever, you won’t be someone of value or make much money or be a role model to your kids. Bullshit!

You are more than you will ever know on this side of life, so learn to free yourself from the bondage of roles, titles, labels and traits that merely describe your behavior rather than who you are. You can describe yourself by these roles, but not be defined. As you evolve into who you are, so does the description of you. Where you are currently on your journey will not be where you will be a week from now, a month or year from now. If you are not growing into becoming who you are, you are slowing self-destructing away from this Awesome Wonder of a person you are. Be mindful, evolution is multifaceted, so don’t expect to grow in every area of your life at the same time. In the womb, a baby’s nose, mouth and ears take shape, before the intestines and brain develop. When you choose to attach your identify with labels that define you, they will confine you. Live free from the wonder of  your authentic self and learn to live your preferred life–no matter what! You are made from the Spirit of Greatness, be you.

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  1. Warren, congrats I am proud of you and this journey you have started in so many people’s lives. I admire what you stand for and your humility. Before you were placed in your mother’s womb God ordained this for you, the most important thing is that you listened and you did not let a job loss or anything else negative affect your life. You and God alone know of the journey you have been through and you chose not to continue on the one you have been on but you chose to be guided to follow the journey you are on now. Because of the journey you are on because of your selflessness, you are guiding others to know their true worth and not to depend on labels, but be guided by the path set forth and provided for us by God. I can go on and on but my heart just wants to say thank you Warren and may God continue to bless you as you continue to be a blessing to others, and may that blessing flow through to your entire family.

    1. Lady Carol, I’m truly blessed by your words. Those months not being able to find a job and the struggles I went through during that time, in part, nurtured the maturity and wisdom being displayed. I have only the Divine Essence to pay homage to for this. I give thanks as well to my wife and kids for their support. I give because I first received. Keep on reading and sharing. Send link to those you believe may benefit. I’m truly honored by your words of encouragement. One love.

  2. In lieu of this, I think it would be great to give examples of how we should shift our thinking from definitive labels to what is proposed. I would usually define myself as an artist – but after reading this great post, I thought – well maybe I’m not just an artist. Maybe I should say – I’m a creator. Which then in turn opened my world up to so much more just with that thought because I realised not only do I create art, I am also responsible for creating my thoughts which then creates the life I’ve envisioned thru those thoughts. I create bonds of love with ppl. I create my future etc etc. By saying I’m a creator, does that still limit me or does that shift answer your call to not define myself by labels and titles?

    1. Empress Natty, you are right on point in your example of “un-defining” yourself from a term you defined to cover a limited space of the vastness of creativity. Many times it’s not the word itself, but the meaning we give to it that is the issue. Your more global view of a creator could also be seen in the word “artist” if someone perceived it that way. I really liked how you were able to step on a higher mountain to get a greater view of the horizon when you see yourself as a creator. However, is calling yourself a creator still limiting? Only if you believe that’s all you are. Regarding God, if I only see Him as a Creator, I miss out so much more of the Essence of who She is. I also have experience Her as a Lover, Savior, Healer, Friend and so much more. Yet, all of these put together still fall short in defining who this Being is. That’s why the terms I AM and Alpha and Omega seem appropriate because they are unbounding.

      Rather than attempting to know who you are via titles, focus more on seeking understanding who you are through your life experiences. Use terms that open you up to discovering more aspects of you., as you did with creator. However, with understanding, we only see as far as we are able to pay attention and where we are on your current journey. A year from now, creator may have more meaning than it does now.

      When we are present or mindful within our experiences, we are taken deeper in our understanding of what a person, even if she may share similar qualities with another. For instance, I see you as woman, Trinidadian, creator, artist, wild child, friend, sister, poet, creature, organism and beautiful. Yet, you are so much more than these put together. Some of these are by birth, yet, as you get in touch with more of who you are through your mindful living experiences, you expand the meaning of what it means to be a female Trinidadian artist. Your wild child gene is there to ensure of that (when you allow it to breathe). The journey is ongoing. Do not claim anything that seeks to confine you. I hope this helps a bit.

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