Return to Eden

FB_IMG_1466728021531I see her and see you both and wonder: is she aware of the value humanity has placed on race? Does she have a clue that the adult humans she sees in the store, supermarket and church have labeled her and her parents to fit into some category that limits her and their worth and power? Is she happy because she is a representation of a blending of races? Or is she simply happy just being? What are her views on male and female? Does she limit her worth or even potential because she is a girl? Or does she see herself as a slayer of most things she puts her mind to? Is she having trouble sleeping at night being concerned about who Trump is? Or does she just trust the love of her parents which is a symbolic expression of the Divine Essence in her life? Whatever you are focused on Lady Eden, keep being you, a symbol of hope for humanity’s journey back to whence we came.

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