Calluses of Heart and Mind

Calm, slow down, calluses, mind, hearth, spirit

Good morning my Queens and fellow Kings. Today, consider the mini and large disappointments you have already experienced for the year. If you are not regularly and genuinely  re-centering yourself psychologically and spiritually, (i.e., in humility, being vulnerable and surrendering yourselves and your concerns and listening to the Voice of the One to comfort, guide and challenge you or hold you accountable), then you are building up calluses in your minds and hearts, those places bare the weight of ongoing stress and unresolved issues in your lives.

From your spirit self, pay attention to the stressful encounters of your heart and mind. Allow yourself to soak or rest in the water of the Divine Spirit either directly and/or indirectly (with someone you can be honest with about where you are and what you are going through and who will not judge you).

Don’t take this for granted, as we are getting older these ongoing stressful encounters can turn into heart issues, aneurysms, psychological and even spiritual ailments. Accountability is necessary to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Care for your being, don’t allow your ego to run the household of your soul, by manipulating your mind to avoid dealing with the Truth of what is, always seeking the path of least resistance. Spend time in meditation, prayer, silence and commune with the Divine. Go out and spend time with Nature and allow Her to speak to you.  If you don’t take the time to calibrate or re-calibrate (spiritually, psychologically and physically), and remove the calluses, your system of perception will be out of alignment and the circumstances of your life may be getting the best of you without you realizing it. One Love, my fellow Warriors.

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  1. Sometimes the best person to talk to is a stranger. For they don’t know who you are and therefore will not judge you.

    1. That is so true, Lady Lucy. I guess that’s why a lot of people come to see me and other therapists. It is hard for people to be objective when there is a deep emotional connection. However, learning to do this can help us grow in love (with self and others).

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